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Balloon Shoot Promotion

Balloon Shoot Promotions

Balloon Shoot Promotion.

Promotion from March 15, 2020 to October 31, 2020

It's simple...buy a chance to shoot a balloon, shoot at the balloon (20yds adults/10 yards kids), pop the balloon and your name is entered for either a gift card or prize. How difficult can that be. Adult prizes ranging from $300 gift card to $50 prizes. Kid prizes range from a $200 gift card to a $50 prize. Come on in and give it a try...test your shooting skills and collect a little coin in the process.

Adults: $2/shot, Kid (less than 15): $1/shot

Rules: Paid before shots are taken. No limit on how many shots taken. Everytime a balloon is popped, you enter your name in the adult or kids bag. 1 balloon popped equals 1 entry. Balloon promotion ends on 10/31/2020. Five names will be pulled from each bag and posted on our website, ohio-archery.com. The names will also be posted on our front inside window.

Adult Prizes Kid Prizes
1st Place $300 Gift Certificate $200 Gift Certificate
2nd Place $125 Prize $75 Prize
3rd Place $125 Prize $75 Prize
4th Place $125 Prize $75 Prize
5th Place $125 Prize $75 Prize