Ohio Premier Archery & Supply

serving all your archery and outdoor sports needs
in Northeast Ohio

serving all your archery and outdoor sports needs
in Northeast Ohio

Update Coronavirus and Geauga County…
May 5, 2020

Curbside Service: As of Monday, April 13, Ohio Premier Archery and Sports will be opening up to curbside business. This means you can purchase anything in our inventory beforehand and pick up at our shop totally contact free, including fully setup bows! We are accepting bow work, and any other service that we offer on an appointment basis. While we understand bow setups can be a hands on process, any bow purchased or worked on during this time is eligible to come back for a "fit-check", where we make sure it suits you and is still tuned up properly.

Service Work/Online Booking: The majority of our business operates under a drop-off and pickup upon completion model until. Any services requested online, with the exception of "Hourly Labor" will be treated as such. When staff is plentiful, we are able to perform many of our services for walk-ins, but DO NOT rely on it, call ahead of time for anything that you need done in person, such as peep ties, kisser installation, etc. Walk-ins may be subjected to a waiting period, as it is on a first come first-served basis, with appointments being the main priority. If you need to schedule 1 on 1 time with our technician, our hourly rate of $30 applies, expect all other services will be tagged and picked up upon completion. To schedule and pay online, visit our booking site @ https://square.site/book/HCD439AZTB3MZ/ohio-premier-archery-and-sports-middlefield-oh. If you do not wish to pay online or don't know which service applies to your needs, all of our drop-off services are open to walk-ins. Appointments can also be scheduled over the phone at 440.632.8007.

For Coaching: Please contact John Siebert. Coaching will resume after May 11th, 2020. To schedule your coaching use our coaching request form. If you are a current student of John's you know how to reach him to restart your coaching.

Youth & Teen Archery Academy: We have set the new dates for the Youth Academy from Sunday, July 12, 2020 to Sunday, August 16, 2020. You can find out more details and signup by clicking this link.

Axe Throwing: This is temporarily closed until the "stay-at-home" has been lifted.

We do everything archery. Any repairs on any brand of bow is not a problem from the most complex to just restring and tuning. You can be assured that you're getting the most experienced advice from life long bowhunters and archers who have the experience and awards to make a difference.

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    Youth/Teen Archery Academy

    We are running a 6-week archery academy for youths/teens. It will be run from Sunday, July 12, 2020 to Sunday, August 16, 2020. For archers who already have some archery experience, Ohio Premier Archery and Sports 6-Week Beginning/Intermediate Archery Academy provides the instruction and guidance to hone skills and improve form, focus, concentration and shot execution. This creates a framework for further competition and develops strength and accuracy as well as confidence and consistency. You can find out more details and signup by clicking this link.

    OPAS Balloon Shoot Promotion

    It's simple...buy a chance to shoot a balloon, shoot at the balloon (20yds adults/10 yards kids), pop the balloon and your name is entered for either a gift card or prize. How difficult can that be. Adult prizes ranging from $300 gift card to $50 prizes. Kid prizes range from a $200 gift card to a $50 prize. Come on in and give it a try...test your shooting skills and collect a little coin in the process.

    Read all the details here...

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